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I help discover the power of geography and GIS by turning data into information
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The following maps were produced for various clients. Most were produced while I worked for the U.S.Census Bureau.
Usages and needs varied and resulted in a variety of map products.

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This map displays all 98 Indian reservations within the Denver Regional Census Center area of responsibility. The map shows the respective ELCO (Early Local Census Office). The table lists the reservation name, LCO (Local Census Office), and the state where the reservation is located.  I created this map for internal Census Bureau office staff and it became one of the most used maps.

PDF file size 2.2 MB.  Click on the map. 

This map shows all Indian reservations in the Denver Region. Each tribe received a large map plotted on high quality paper.

The U.S. Census Bureau in Washington entered my map in the Map Gallery contest during the 2010 ESRI Users Conference.

PDF file size 12.2 MBClick on the map. 

In 2013 the Denver Regional Census Office added Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas and lost Nevada as part of the Census Bureau's restructuring. 

This map shows the Tribal Lands that the Denver Office is responsible for.

Denver Regional Census Office will be responsible for an area of 1,315,359 square miles.

PDF file size 28 MBClick on the map. 

The Denver Regional Tribal Lands with the reservations 2010 population.

PDF file size 17 MBClick on the map. 

This map was derived by mosaicking National Elevation Dataset (NED) data; and then
from the resulting mosaic I created the hillshade raster. The Pueblos are draped over the hillshade with a transparency.

PDF file size 43.8 MBClick on the map. 

This is a big download.

How many extinct volcanoes can you find?

     Race Centroids were derived from the twelve state
    Denver Census Region 2010 US Census Tract data
    and TIGER/Line files.

    PDF file size 14 MBClick on the map. 


     This is a cartogram that depicts the population of the

PDF file size 700 KBClick on the map.


     In 2013 the US Census Bureau restructured from
     twelve Regional Offices to six. 

    This cartogram depicts the population in each region.

PDF file size 600 KBClick on the map. 

This map depicts the new Sixth Congressional District in Colorado.  The State of Colorado has approved the new congressional districts.

PDF file size 2.2 MB.  Click on the map.

The following two examples show "Hard To Count Tracts" maps. They were created for
a news release and photo opp back drop. The event was in October 2009 promoting the 2010 Census. U.S. Census Director Dr. Robert Groves and then Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper were the speakers.  I was tasked with this assignment because of the quick turn around need and cartographic requirements.

PDF file size 543 KB  Click on the map. 

PDF file size 354 KB.  Click on the map.

I created forty Area of Consideration maps where office space was to be acquired for the Local Census Offices. These offices were located throughout in the ten state Denver Census Region.

The following two examples show Aurora South and Denver.

PDF file size 2.2 MB.  Click on the map.

PDF file size 1.2 MB.  Click on the map.

This map shows a cartogram of Total Housing Units in the U.S. I prepared this map as soon as the data became available.  The data was derived from the 2009 GPS Address Canvassing of every house in the United States.

PDF file size 0.9 MB.  Click on the map.

An example of landscape plans and lawn sprinkler diagram.

PDF file size 2.3 MB.  Click on the map.

This map was made for a Census Bureau employee map contest. Census Bureau management wanted to see who could make a statistically and cartographically correct map.

Malawi is one of the most beautiful countries  that I have visited.  
PDF file size 1.5 MB.  Click on the map.

I created this map which was sent to Federal Highway Administration for proposed inter-modal connectors to the new Park-n-Rides along Interstate 25 and Interstate 225.

PDF file size 513 KB.  Click on the map.

This flowchart depicts the Shoshone Tribe and the tribes reservations.

I researched and created thirty eight tribal and government structure flowcharts.

This work was done in VISIO.

PDF file size 14 KB.  Click on the flowchart.

Download all flowcharts.  Zip file size 960 KB

Three Pine Ridge Reservation boundary maps. 2000, 2007 and 2007
subdivision boundaries.

PDF file size 610 KB.  Click on the map.

I built
a complete GIS  for Woodstream Falls Condominiums.

PDF file size 7.7 MB.  Click on the map.

I made this map for a Census Bureau map contest amongst fellow employees.  Updated to 2012 election.

This PDF is interactive.

Use your mouse to click forward and backward through election years.

This is an example of joining tabular data to a geographic file and making a series of maps.

file size 5.09 MB.  Left click on the map.

Does not work interactively with the Google Chrome browser.

MS Access / Personal Geodatabase Report

This is an example of taking a non-geographic CSV file with over 140,000 records and joining it into a geographic Personal Geodatabase and filtering
only the Tribal Reservation recruits.
A report was generated from the data as well as maps showing the distributions of the recruits.

Left click the image to see the complete report.

Prints best on Legal.

For a more extensive explanation click the link.  
Report Explanation

This is an example of a MS Access database that I put together.  Many of the features came from tables from the Census Bureau.  In ArcMap I used the spatial join function on the Blocks feature class with other geographic features such as ZIP codes,  States and Counties.  I then joined the many tables in MS Access.  I put this form together  and sent this database out to forty different Census offices.  The Census Bureau offices found this helpful for recruiting and planning.

File size, 35 MB download zip file.  
For a more extensive explanation click the link.  
Report Explanation

• ArcGIS
• Spatial Analyst
• 3D Analyst
• Imagery analysis
• Geoprocessing
• Metadata
• Map composition
• LP360 LiDAR
• Data management
• MS Access
• MS Excel
• Publisher
• Maplex
• MS Visio
• Google Earth
• AutoCAD
• Well logs
• Geologic maps
• CAD conversion
• GIS Training
• Adobe Photoshop Elements
• Web development
• Tribal and Indian affairs
• Developing countries
• Census and demographic data
• Transportation GIS
• Location analysis
• Emergency preparedness GIS

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